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Virginia Beach, VA 23464

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Home of TWO Sampler Lovers

Wall of Samplers

Ann Robbins and Pat Ryan, owners of Dyeing to Stitch

Ann Robbins was born in Philadelphia, PA but moved all over the U. S. due to civil service and military life. She started stitching stamped cross stitch at the age of 12, though she was briefly introduced to the craft at the age of six in Brownies. Ann has two daughters that also stitch. In the 80's, Ann opened a cross stitch shop in Falbrook, California because she was tired of traveling to stitching groups. Dyeing to Stitch is her second shop. Ann had never stitched a sampler until she moved to Virginia. Ann joined the Tidewater Sampler Guild over 20 years ago, which spawned many of the other guilds in the area. That is also where she met Pat Ryan!

Together they have 2 Westies, Madison (Maddie) and Hayden. Both are BIG dog lovers! Scotties are their favorites. They have more than one because they believe multiples keep each other company. (P.S. They are in the process of getting a new puppy, though this webmistress does not have all the details. Will update within the week!)

Pat Ryan was born in Boston, MA, and spent most of her childhood there. Pat came from a family of needleworkers: her Mom was an avid knitter, and her Aunt did cross stitch. At the age of 10, her family had a Danish girl living with them who taught Pat how to cross stitch. She initially started stitching on linen, doing Danish designs. Her biggest problem was finding more linen (aida was all that was offered at the time), until the 1970's when Ginnie Thompson began to import Danish linen to the U.S. cross stitch stores. Pat has very eclectic tastes, liking most all cross stitch. But of course, she LOVES samplers. She is affectionately called 'Turbo Stitcher' because she is a very fast stitcher! Her book, 'Historic Samplers' is a fascinating read about the history of samplers, along with 30 charts to stitch as authentic reproductions. Written in 1992, it is out of print and has become quite a collector's item.

Pat, Ann and Bindy Quigley opened Dyeing to Stitch in October 2005 (Bindy recently left the business to pursue other interests). Currently, there are over 500 stitched models in the shop, all stitched by either Ann or Pat. Besides keeping up with the latest releases, threads and accessories, Dyeing to Stitch offers a place for stitchers to meet on Thursday nights, and a monthly gathering on first Sundays for specialized stitching also.

Here are some snaps of their home, along with a small sampling of their extensive collection of Samplers.

(For the best view, click on each picture)

Part of the extensive collection of original Samplers
"A sampling of their original Samplers, part of an extensive collection bought or given as gifts, from Ligonier, PA; Baltimore, MD; England and Ohio : Mary Lambert 1805, Rose Robinson 1778, Ann Robins 1849, Ann Nichols 1805, Ann Carson 1808, Posy May Loves the Queen 1869"

Mary McKelvey 1832
"Mary McKelvey, 1832"

Susannah Young 1834
"Susannah Young 1834"

Wall of Reproductions
"Another wall full of Reproduction Samplers. The middle one, top row, is a reproduction of a piece done by Maria Revere Curtis, great granddaughter of Paul Revere, finished at age 11 in 1819"

Seasonal Grouping
"Seasonal grouping of stitched pieces"

Decorating in the kitchen
"We have even decorated the soffits in our kitchen with stitching!"

Decorating in the kitchen
"Another shot of the soffits in our kitchen, decorated with stitching!"

Loose Feathers wall in our kitchen
"This wall showcases many Loose Feathers pieces, including one stitched by Alma and another gift piece, a one-of-a-kind piece"

Pat's stitching chair
"Pat's stitching chair, where she stitches so speedily!"

Ann's stitching chair
"Ann's stitching chair, with a few WIP project bags in and around it"

THE Crown Mirror from England
"How apropos that a friend should send Ann this Crown Mirror from England!"

Back of THE Crown Mirror from England, showing the original labels
"Back of the Crown Mirror from England, showing the labels of authenticity "

THE Crown Mirror from England, showing the exquisite beveling
"The Crown Mirror from England, showing the exquisite beveling"

a closeup of the beveling on THE Crown Mirror from England
"A closeup of the beveling on the Crown Mirror from England"

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